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What is a Kintsugi Woman's Gold Represent?

SiSTARS, imagine you are sitting in a circle with me, we each have our own unique stories, You have had questions today I want to talk about the beauty of resilience, symbolized by the art of Kintsugi.

Kalina: “You know, Kintsugi is this beautiful Japanese art where they repair broken pottery with gold. It’s like they’re highlighting the cracks, not hiding them. Our golden threads and veins of life,”

Luna: “Yes, it is so empowering. It’s like saying our scars make us more beautiful, more valuable.”

Kalina: “Exactly! The gold in Kintsugi represents our strength and our radiant reinvention of self. Every challenge we’ve faced is like a golden seam that holds us together, making us stronger.”

Mia: “It’s a reminder that our imperfections are not inadequacies. They are marks of our battles and badges of our growth.”

Luna: “And sharing our stories, our ‘gold’, can inspire other women to embrace their journeys, with each challenge we become stronger!.”

Kalina: " Yes, we’re all Kintsugi women, aren’t we? Pieced together, beautiful in our complexity, and more resilient for having been broken back together stronger with each challenge. You are all so beautiful and strong.”

We are all BECOMING, the women we want and need to be. Bolder, braver, stronger, Can you imagine the stories we would share ladies about our beautiful golden threads and seams, representing our journey, finding common ground in their shared experiences, Let's connect? You are loved and so cherished.

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