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You are a Woman of Vision & Power

You are a woman of vision and power

You have a destiny to fulfill and a dream to pursue

You are not defined by your past or your present

You are shaped by your choices and your actions

You are a woman of courage and resilience

You have faced challenges and overcome obstacles

You are not deterred by your fears or your doubts

You are motivated by your faith and your passion

You are a woman of wisdom and grace

You have learned from your experiences and grown from your mistakes

You are not limited by your beliefs or your expectations

You are inspired by your values and your purpose

You are a woman of beauty and joy

You have a light that shines and a smile that radiates

You are not diminished by your flaws or your struggles

You are enhanced by your strengths and your gifts

You are a woman of love and peace

You have a heart that cares and a soul that connects

You are not isolated by your pain or your loneliness

You are embraced by your friends and your family

You are a woman of the future, affirming yourself today

You have a vision to follow and the power to create

You are not waiting for tomorrow or wishing for yesterday

You are living in the now, affirming yourself every day.

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