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Grab Your Bucket! Let's Meet at the Kintsugi Cistern

SiSTARS, Imagine with me

Imagine a reservoir, not of water, but of pure, healing energy – a healing cistern. It's intertwined with the ancient art of Kintsugi, where broken pieces are not hidden but celebrated by mending them with gold. I am thinking of an ethereal concept of Kintsugi daughters of the universe guided by passion and spirit going to and drawing from. 

It's a source of wealth, wisdom, and wellness that feels like a secret sanctuary we've always been searching for but never quite found until now.

This cistern is not just a metaphorical pool but a real, tangible space where we can dive deep into our inner selves, exploring the cracks and crevices of our lives that we've been taught to hide or be ashamed of. Instead of concealing them, we learn to highlight them with a golden light, acknowledging our past hurts and traumas as integral parts of our beautiful selves. This process is not just healing; it's empowering. It's about recognizing that our so-called imperfections are what make us uniquely powerful.

This cistern is a wellspring of wisdom and wellness is not something external; it's been within us all along. The only thing required of us is to accept, receive, and believe in our inherent power.

In the heart of every woman lies a reservoir of strength, wisdom, and wellness that surpasses the mere physical realm. This inner sanctum, like the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, where broken pottery is mended with gold, teaches us that our scars and experiences only serve to make us more beautiful and resilient. 

Our Kintsugi woman's cistern is not a well seeking water from external sources, but a wellspring of wisdom and wellness that has been within us all along. Together we explore the depths of our inherent power, our feminine ethereal wisdom, and the alchemy of time and love that molds us.

The concept of me as a Kintsugi woman challenges the limiting beliefs I believed as a young woman in my Mennonite culture or what I saw in society. It tells me that my worth is not diminished by my experiences of pain, loss, or failure. Instead, these are the very elements that fill my  cisterns with the gold of wisdom. This wisdom is not something that can be sought or acquired from the outside; it is a gift of my own making, created through the prisms of self.

Accepting, receiving, and believing in this gift is the first step toward tapping into our innate wellspring of wellness that resides within us. Embrace your stories, your scars, and your imperfections, seeing them not as flaws but as integral parts of our unique beauty and strength.

Embracing our feminine ethereal wisdom involves recognizing the alchemy of time and love in our lives. Time gives us perspective and patience, while love, both for ourselves and from others, heals and transforms us. This alchemy is the process of how our inner cisterns are filled. It is a journey of becoming, of evolving into the fullest expression of ourselves.

 As women, we are the custodians of this sacred knowledge, the keepers of this ancient wellspring. Our cistern is always full, always flowing, Do we have the courage to draw from it?

The Kintsugi woman's cistern is a metaphor I am using for our inner resources that each of us possesses. It is a reminder that our power, wisdom, and wellness come from inside each of us, shaped by the alchemy of our experiences.

I invite each of my siSTARS to celebrate this journey of self-discovery, to embrace your imperfections as marks of beauty, and to realize that you are, and always have been, wellsprings of wisdom and wellness. The only thing required is to accept, receive, and believe in your intuitive power. You not only heal yourselves but also manifest and pave the way for a world where the feminine ethereal wisdom is recognized, celebrated, and revered.

It's time to embrace our inner sanctuary and strength.

Our intuitive wisdom guides us toward a path of self-love, healing, and ultimately, profound transformation. The universe invites us to search within our inner selves, emerging as radiant warriors, equipped with newfound power and strength. Evolving on this journey together, heart in heart, reclaiming the power that has always been rightfully ours.

Are you ready, siSTARS, to draw from the wealth of your Kintsugi cistern of wisdom and wellness that awaits you? Come with me on this amazing journey of self-discovery and healing, allowing our spirits to soar. Grab your bucket. I will join you there in the ethos of time. 

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