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Kintsugi Inner Child

Reflecting on a journey of self in my younger self I thank the Kintsugi inner child inside of me that knew she was enough, she rebelled and stepped out of the norm of what was expected in our Mennonite community. 

In the quiet moments of reflection, I see the golden seams of my life, a pattern of repair and rebirth that mirrors the art of Kintsugi. It is in this light that I acknowledge you, my dear younger self, for being the strong young woman who changed my life.

Your strength guided us through the darkest nights. You faced your chrysalis, and your courage shone brightly, teaching us the power of resilience.

There were many moments you doubted your worth. You were perfect in your imperfections, and every crack in our being is filled with the gold of your spirit.

Thank you for being the mirror that reflects my strength. Through your eyes, I saw the woman I could become as a Kintsugi woman, pieced together with grace and strength.

You have taught me that the chrysalis is a womb of transformation. In its embrace, we shed what no longer served us, emerging stronger, braver, and bolder.

The feminine threads of self and wisdom have connected us in ways beyond understanding. 

As you struggled and survived, I found my battles easing. Your journey has been a mirror reflecting the lessons we needed to learn. In the silence of your metamorphosis, we found our voice. Our chrysalis became our cocoon, a place of safety where we could grow and change.

The wisdom we have gained is a tapestry of experiences, rich and vibrant. It is a gift you have shared with me, allowing me to see the world through new eyes.

Your bravery in facing the unknown inspired me to step beyond my fears. Together, we have discovered that courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.

The bolder you became, the more I found myself stepping into my own power. Your transformation has been a guiding light, showing me the path to my true self.

I am grateful for every moment that led us here, for the challenges that shaped us and the victories that lifted us.

The chrysalis journey of self is one we have walked together, each step a celebration.

As my Kintsugi inner child, you have shown me that our breaks are not to be hidden, but celebrated. They are the marks of our survival, the signs of our strength.

I honour the journey we took, it healed and challenged us both.

The ethereal threads that connect us are spun from the fabric of the universe, a cosmic tapestry that holds the stories of our lives.

As we emerged from our chrysalis, we celebrated the beauty of brokenness and the strength of our spirit. Our journey continues, turning the kaleidoscope of life, with every challenge we face, we grow more resilient, more whole.

My Kintsugi inner child, I am so grateful and love you. Thank you for being the chrysalis that allowed me to emerge as the Kintsugi woman I am today. Together, we are unbreakable.

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