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Opening the Ears and Eyes of Our Hearts

We are Kintsugi women, on a journey of self-discovery and love. It is a path where we learn to open the eyes and ears of our hearts, to see and hear with a depth that transcends the physical. We are vessels of light, mended with the golden lacquer of divine love, and it is time we recognize the ethereal wisdom that resides within us.

See with Your Heart

To see with the heart is to look beyond the surface, to perceive the invisible threads of connection and compassion that weave us together. Know that we are so loved beyond measure and that our worth is inherent and unshakable. With each golden crack in our being, we are reminded that we are enough, that our stories are chapters of an amazing wonderful journey to self guided by passion and spirit with God.

Hear with Your Heart

Listening with the heart is to tune into the zephyr of whispers of our spirit, the gentle nudges that guide us towards our purpose. It is to hear the symphony of our passion, the melodies that move us to dance, create, and be the embodiment of the love we receive. Our innate knowing is a compass, leading us through the labyrinth of life with the assurance of a love that is always there and true.

As Kintsugi women, we are not just to be but to do, to leave footprints of gold for our sisters to follow. Our actions, infused with passion and spirit, become beacons of hope and inspiration. We are the living celebration of brokenness made beautiful, of wounds transformed into wellsprings of strength.

May you always remember that you are cradled in the arms of God’s love, and that every moment of your existence is a brushstroke of divine artistry. Embrace your feminine wisdom, it is as ethereal and powerful as the love of God.

Let’s walk this journey together, siSTARS, with our hearts wide open, our spirits listening, and our steps leaving a shimmering trail for those who come after us. We are Kintsugi women, flawed, yet flawless in the eyes of love.

SiSTARS embrace the fullness of your being, live and love with hearts open, and cherishes the unique beauty that each of you brings to this world.

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