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Pathway of Empowerment Prayer

As a new year starts and I leave my past with a separation, going through a divorce. Becoming an empowered woman on a pathway of empowerment, I reflect on the women before me who have gone through their valleys, the darkest nights of the soul.


We pray for the Kintsugi women among us, those who have faced the storms and been shattered by life's relentless force. May they feel your presence, Jesus, walking beside them, holding their hands, turning their pieces into peace. Let Your light shine through their cracks, making them whole not in spite of their brokenness, but because of it.

Every crack is a place for your light and peace to enter. Each scar is a story of your grace.

In our moments of despair, when the night seems endless, remind us that You, Lord, are the bright morning star, the promise of a new day. Give us the courage to embrace our brokenness, to lay our fragmented selves at your feet, and allow you to work through us, making our lives a beautiful tapestry of your love and light. May we walk with you, Jesus, from pieces to peace, knowing that with you, every end is a new beginning, and every darkness is illuminated by your eternal light.

We gather in spirit and truth to honour the journey of the Kintsugi women before us, siSTARS who have transformed their scars into stars, their trials into triumphs. We give thanks for their resilience, and for their grace in weaving the tapestries of life with their feminine ethereal threads of strength and courage. They saw the beauty in their flaws and in the world around them, as they illuminated our paths with the torch of their inner light.

Grant us continuous growth, on our radiant reinvention of self, always evolving, finding lessons in every opportunity, every challenge, and every joy. May our empathy be a compass that guides us, enriching our souls with deep understanding and compassion for the struggles of others. Let our essence radiate hope, kindling the flames of optimism in the hearts we touch. We are grateful for the ability to find gold linings, even in the darkest clouds, colouring our days with your blessings.

Empower us, to share our stories with authenticity and bravery, breaking down the walls of silence that surround vulnerability. Bless our journey with love, strength, and hope, making our legacy a torch for generations to come. May our presence mend hearts, just as the golden joins of Kintsugi bring beauty to what was broken.

We pray for each Kintsugi woman, that they may continue to shine, reflect, and mend, embodying the divine art of turning brokenness into beauty, trusting, and knowing their worth.

God, our spirits intertwined with the legacy of the kintsugi women who walked before us. They, embraced their brokenness, transforming scars into golden seams, and have passed us a torch—a beacon of unbreakable resilience and beauty born from healing. We stand humbly on this path of their journey, ready to carry this luminous flame.

Give us the strength and wisdom to continue with purpose on this pathway of empowerment leading us with their golden footsteps, mindful of the weight of this legacy. May we walk with grace and courage, understanding that the cracks and crevices of our being are not signs of imperfection but of our enduring spirit and capacity to mend with gold. As we continue our journey, let our steps deepen, not with burden, but with the purpose, of leaving a trail luminous and wide for others who follow.

Bless us with the passion to carry the values of the kintsugi woman—resilience, transformation, and the celebration of life's imperfections. May we, in our journey, strengthen the tapestry of the women behind us, weaving our feminine ethereal threads of gold into its fabric, and inspire generations yet to come to carry the torch with honour.

We illuminate the world, leaving it brighter for our passage, and honour the kintsugi women who follow.

Thank you Jesus, my comforter, for mending the golden seams of strength from our struggles and with each piece giving us peace as you have restored us each step of the way.


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