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Grab Your FREE Weekend MindfulME Meditations

Get Your FREE Weekend MindfulMe Meditations Mindful Me Weekend Meditations are the perfect way to empower and embolden yourself. Through our 3 day weekend free meditations, women can learn how to practice self love and prioritize their mental and physical health. Our guided meditations are designed to help you become the bold and brave woman you know you are. Give yourself the opportunity to practice mindful living with Mindful Me Weekend Mindful Me Meditation is a powerful 3-day program designed to help women become bold and brave in their own lives. Through self-love, empowerment and health, this program will help you develop an inner strength that will guide you through even the toughest of times. Each day you will be guided through a free meditation that will help you tap into your true potential and help you find the courage to be a powerful, mindful woman. Mindful Me Meditation are powerful meditations designed to empower and embolden women to take a bold and brave journey of self-love. Through 3 free guided meditations, you will learn to be mindful and relax your body and mind, helping you increase your self-love, discover your inner power, and move towards a more mindful and balanced life. *Disclaimer: Kintsugi Woman's affirmations, guided meditation, and prayers are kintsugi-infused empowerment, imagination, and inspiration. It is not a substitute for professional advice or therapy. If you need support, seek guidance from a qualified practitioner.

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