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Have a glimpse through the kaleidoscope of Kalina's life...


Hello, I am Kalina Bains, your guide, here to share my metamorphosis. I was a rebel against my Mennonite norms, married a Punjabi man, divorced, and began again. My cracks became pathways to gold.


Sip a chai with me while I unravel secrets and insight on my journey. 

  • I grew up in a Mennonite family in a farming community near St. Jacobs' ON

  • The oldest of eight children

  • I was diagnosed with Grand Mal Epilepsy at 6 months old. I took pills every day to control it until I was about 18 when it became dormant. 

  • I had three sets of grandparents

  • Rebel at heart, questioning the norm, mind of her own

  • I have an 86-year-old mother who is the most loving, patient, and kind, woman

  • I had a 92-year-old Father who raised Old-Order Mennonite and was one of the last Korean Veterans

  • I dropped out at 17, worked in retail for years, had my children then continued my education, as a mature student, I went to Sheridan College, and McMaster for night courses, found a wonderful job working in the Halton Regional office for years, now retired

  • I always loved writing it was always a way of saying words that couldn't be spoken

  • I am blessed being a mother of two, with three grandchildren

  • I am a mother of a grown daughter with cancer

  • I have been to Cuba, Florida & India, and I have more travel plans in the future

  • I enjoy cottage life, creating, baking, gardening, photography, traveling, and writing, and am always learning

  • I connect with my higher self through meditation, prayer, and spending time in nature, which helps me tune into my inner wisdom and guidance.

My journey of self-discovery started with decades of healing and growing with change, divorce, death, and new beginnings. Life, lessons, and love have brought me through a chrysalis transformation journey.

I intuitively found my way out and stepped beyond the pain, and trauma, beginning again. 

My journey of transformation, healing, and awakening began during my 30-year marriage and subsequent divorce.  It was a moment of change, a time to shed the old and embrace the new. This is my story of becoming the XOXO ME,  Kintsugi woman, a journey that pushed me out of my chrysalis and into a feminine ethereal awakening, guided by passion and spirit.

Listening to My Inner GPS

For years, I numbed myself with medication and drinking, trying to escape the pain and confusion. But deep down, I knew there was a better way. I began to listen to my inner GPS, that quiet voice within that guided me toward healing and self-discovery. It wasn’t an easy path, but it was a necessary one.

Embracing Self-Work and Coaching

I started working on myself for myself, with the help of coaching. This was a pivotal moment in my journey. Coaching gave me the tools and support I needed to rebuild my life. 

The Power of Meditation and Walking

Meditation became my sanctuary. It allowed me to connect with my inner self, to find peace amidst the chaos. Walking, became a form of moving meditation, a way to ground myself and reflect on my progress. These practices were instrumental in my healing journey.

Becoming a Coach

As I healed, my desire became to help others do the same. I pursued certification and became a coach, dedicated to guiding others on their paths to self-discovery and healing. My journey had come full circle, I was now in a position to support others as they navigated their transformations.

Shining Brighter, Stronger, and Bolder

Today, I stand before you as a XOXO ME,  Kintsugi woman, embracing my cracks and imperfections as part of my unique beauty. My journey has taught me that we can shine brighter, stronger, and bolder when we embrace our true selves. As a spiritual coach, I am here to support you on your journey, to help you find your own path to awakening and healing.

Join me, and together we will shine brighter, stronger, and bolder. Let’s embrace our journeys and support each other in our growth.

With love and light,


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