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The Five Senses of  Kintsugi

As we continue on this transformative journey together I invite you to explore the art of  Kintsugi, the ancient Japanese practice of repairing broken pottery with gold. As mended vessels, we become more beautiful and valuable as we navigate our chrysalis journey emerging into our true selves.

Sight: Seeing the Cracks

In discovering Kintsugi we recognize that our cracks are not flaws but part of our unique story. Like kintsugi pottery, we begin to see the gold that fills those spaces. Our imperfections become pathways to brilliance.

Touch: Healing Through Acceptance

As we touch our wounded places with Kintsugi love we learn acceptance. Our cracks don’t define us; they refine us. We mend not to hide Kintsugi but to reveal our resilience. The warmth of healing seeps through Kintsugi like gold filling the gaps.

Sound: Listen to the Whispers of Transformation

With each step of Kintsugi, we become more than we were. Our golden veins sing a symphony of strength. We’re not alone; listening to our internal GPS of innate knowing, guided by passion and spirit.

Taste: Nourishing Self-Discovery

Taste the sweetness of self-discovery, savouring the wisdom, hidden there. Our worth isn’t external; it’s the divine essence within. Let curiosity be our spoon stirring the elixir of wisdom.

Smell: A Fragrance of Resilience

Breathe in the fragrance of resilience. It lingers in the air reminding us that we’re not just mended but reborn. Our chrysalis becomes a golden cocoon, and we emerge bolder, braver beautiful with into our feminine ethereal awakening

Dear sistars let’s honour our journey. Our cracks are not weaknesses; they’re pathways to our ethereal awakening.

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